Since 1995 Dryads Dancing artist/designer Margaret Taylor has turned salvaged wood and metal from old homes and commercial buildings into colorful works of art perfect for nautical, farm style and antique contemporary settings. Based in Georgia, each piece is unique and carefully crafted by Margaret’s team of talented wood and metal workers.

Dryads Dancing has been committed from the beginning to use salvaged, scrap building materials. Their philosophy is – ” Why would you buy new wood and work hours and hours to distress and antique it, when re-purposed, salvaged wood and metal that has that natural old world charm, is available if you know where to find it.”

Each piece of Dryads Dancing weathered, vintage bead board, molding, barn wood, corrugated tin, stair spindles, hardware and others salvaged materials tells a story. They become a statement piece and a timeless treasure to be displayed and appreciated in the home or garden for years to come.

The Dryads Dancing collection of home and garden decor includes picture frames, mirrors, outdoor living decor, decorative accessories, holiday, coastal wall art, mountain and lake wall art, flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, angels, wine glasses/bottles and hearts.

About Your Art

Due to the nature of the salvaged materials, pieces may vary. This only enhances the uniqueness and individuality of each piece. Dryads Dancing is proudly Made in America.


A Dryad is a beautiful maiden wood nymph or spirit inhabiting a forest or tree.