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Founded in 1990 in Washington D.C., dZi is intimately involved in the Fair Trade movement and was directly involved in launching the Fair Trade Federation (FTF) in America in 1994.

wild-woolies-artists-2They actively support, and work directly with, Tibetan and other Himalayan artisans in Northern India and Nepal. They work closely with them to design products that are popular to American consumers.

dZi was directly involved in getting aid to the many stricken artisans affected by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Kathmandu and many areas on April 25, 2015. By setting up their own Earthquake Relief website, they raised countless thousands of dollars to send directly to those most seriously affected.

wild-woolies-artists-1Launching the Tara Happiness Fund in 2012, dZi also makes additional contributions to address specific needs such as funding for back up battery systems, improved exhaust and ventilation systems, as well as sewing machines, work tables and equipment to improve the quality of their artisans work places.

The artisans of dZi use 100% natural wool and non-toxic dyes in their products. Wool scraps are recycled into new products.
Today, dZi is primarily a wholesale trading company employing a staff of 10 at their office and warehouse in Easthampton, MA.

Please inquire for catalog. POS signage, tent cards and product hang tags are provided.


The F.T. Renner Company wholesales all of dZi products with a special emphasis on their hand felted divisions Wild Woolies and Fair Trade Holiday.

Wild Woolies Birdhouses

Our fun and functional birdhouses are taking backyards by storm. And yes, they can be hung outdoors as a functioning birdhouses.

They are made of naturally repellent wool ( the natural Lanolin is retained ), and when it does get wet it will naturally dry itself out. Made with other sustainably harvested materials including a braided natural hemp hanging cord and a bamboo perch.

The 1/4″ diameter opening is sized for small birds such as Wrens, Chickadees, Titmouse, Finches, and Sparrows. It can be slightly enlarged as the wool is stretchable. Birds have been known to pull at the wool exterior to use as nesting material.

Each birdhouse comes designed with an easy button/string clean out on the bottom. A display tree is available with purchase of a designated quantity.

The birdhouses are partially filled with recycled paper to maintain their shape when shipped and displayed. However, this paper must be removed to make it functional outdoors. When exposed to the weather the birdhouses will maintain their shape for up to a year and can be reshaped. The colors can fade when exposed to the sun, but it is best for the nesting birds to position your birdhouse in shade, in a tree or under a porch. The non-toxic colors and shape will last forever if hung in a protected outdoor space such as a porch.

Wild Woolies Bird Ornaments

Exceptional felting workmanship makes our highly representational backyard bird ornaments something very special. Educational, decorative and entertaining for bird enthusiasts as well as everyday admirers of nature’s most amazing creatures….birds! Lovingly soft to the touch because they are made with a fine natural wool.

The Fair Trade production center in Kathmandu that took on our bird ornament project have never done anything quite like this before. Many new skills were employed to make these birds possible and the results are evident.

Wild Woolies Finger Puppets/Ornaments

Outstanding hand felting makes our highly representational animal finger puppet/ornaments something very special.They are educational, decorative and entertaining for the young and young at heart.

Each animal has a hanging string attached to it’s head to hang as an ornament. Or the hole at the bottom allows for finger puppet use. A counter display is available with a minimum purchase.

Handmade felt components are created and assembled by skilled artisans working in their fair trade production center in Kathmandu, Nepal. Artisans use 100% natural wool and non-toxic acid free dyes. Wool scraps are recycled into new products.

Wild Woolies Coin Purses

Our colorful and delightful 5″ x 3.5″ Coin Purses or carefully hand felted and stitched by skilled artisans in Nepal. These functional, decorative and whimsical coin purses are lined with a zippered compartment. Made from 100% wool and natural non-toxic acid free dyes.

Wild Woolies Ornaments, Etc.

Our wide selection of colorful, hand felted ornaments include birds, fish, bunnies, mushrooms, elephants,and foxes.

We also have 3-D pumpkins in various sizes and autumn wreaths and garlands. Our selection of soft and comfy pillows are shaped like a owl and animals.

Wild Woolies Couch Critters

Just one squeeze of these cushiony and comfortable critters and relaxation is the next destination! Our hand felted outer shell, made of 100% natural wool, is filled with squishy polyfil for snuggly softness.

Fair Trade Holiday

Enjoy a wide assortment of fun, colorful and festive hand felted and knit holiday decorations using 100% natural wool. The mix of traditionally inspired and eclectic designs are created exclusively by dZi’s design team in partnership with a fair trade production center based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Every product is completely done by hand which is reflected in the expressively warm and natural feeling of each item.

Many of the artisans who make Fair Trade Holiday products are women. Everyone is provided with a safe and healthy working environment, living wages,and a range of benefits. Your purchases help to support these artisans, their families and their communities as well as helping to preserve their traditional crafts.

Fair Trade Holiday includes a complete collection of Holiday decor in vibrant seasonal colors. A partial list includes wreaths, ornaments, stockings, table top, and garlands.

Of special interest are our Wooly Tree Display in white, brown, red, and green. They are 34″ high and are great for displaying lots of fun felted ornaments.The hand built, five layer, flexible wire tree branch frame is wrapped with natural sheep’s wool. The Tree folds up to easily store or ship. Also available are display spinner units.