The F. T. Renner Company are wholesale Sales Representatives in the Gift Industry specializing in Home and Garden Decor located in Historic Old Downtown Monterey, CA. We support the work of artists and craftsmen in the United States and abroad.

Founded in 1981 by Father and Son, Fred and Fritz Renner, we provide retailers with a wide selection of unique and quality handcrafted products made from recycled or sustainable materials. Our Home and Garden Decor products are either Fair Trade or Made in America. As owner Fritz Renner likes to say, ” We have real products made by real people.”

Our products can be found in hundreds of retail locations including Nurseries, Garden Centers, Outdoor Living, Fair Trade, General Gift, Booksellers, Furniture/Home Decor, Museums, Aquariums, Zoos, Wine Tasting Rooms, Hospitals, Pet Boutique, Religious, Frame, Galleries, Nature/Wildlife and Stationary/Card.

We are celebrating 37 years in business as of 2018.

Our Mission

To foster an appreciation for and understanding of art and handcrafts while, at the same time, providing sales outlets for our many talented artisans. By doing so, we enable them to support themselves and their families through the sales of their work.

"It's always been a pleasure to work with Fritz and the entire F.T. Renner Company team! Their spot on suggestions and great customer care, have helped grow my business each year."

Susan RobinsonCanova Home, Boulder, CO

"We've worked with the F.T. Renner Company at gift shows for over 20 years and always enjoy seeing what's new."

Judy GilleCity Peoples Mercantile, Seattle, WA

"F.T. Renner Company has been one of our most valued vendors for over 20 years. Their unique products sell extremely well for us and their service and product knowledge is the best!"

Barney ScollenCarmel Bay Company, Carmel, CA

“Working with F.T. Renner Company is such a pleasure. The staff is incredibly responsive to all our inquiries, letting us know when orders will ship and keeping us informed of new products from their lines.
We especially appreciate their thoughtful suggestions when a style or color is out of stock.”

Lisa YoungDoodlet’s, Santa Fe, NM

“Haitian metal art from Beyond Borders is consistently a best selling product line at our fair trade shop. The folks at F.T. Renner Company are wonderful sales representatives, always keeping us up to date on new products, responding to our inquiries promptly, and doing everything they can to keep us stocked. They are genuinely kind people with a heart for supporting disadvantaged artisans.”

LynAnne WiestHumankind Fair Trade, San Luis Obispo, CA

“I have worked with F.T. Renner Company for many years. Their sales staff and office staff are always professional and courteous. They have a very good mix of products and are always quick to respond.”

George SimonNavlet’s Garden Centers: Pleasant Hill, Concord, Danville, Martinez, CA