Launched in 2014 by Yardbirds artist Rich Kolb, Engine-New-Ity metal art sculpture designs are inspired by the industrial/mechanical Steam Punk style that has become popular in recent years.

Made from eco-friendly, up-cycled engine and transmission parts, these unique animal and aquatic/ocean art sculptures appear to, at any moment, sputter to life. Each sculpture maintains the dynamic spirit of the parts from which they are made.

Due to Rich’s source for scrap engine and transmission parts, his supply of rejected, worn out metal always varies. The general design and essence of the piece will always remain, but the individual parts that make up the details of the piece may vary. This only adds to the uniqueness of each art sculpture.

Engine-New-Ity – “Making art from car parts. Now that’s American Ingenuity.”

Caring for your Art Sculpture

Rich’s Kentucky made metal art sculptures will naturally rust with age. Many people love the warm rust patina that appears over time when exposed to the elements. Functional designs are pre- coated in Kentucky. Or, if you prefer, you can periodically spray your sculpture with a clear enamel from Rustoleum, Krylon or Ace Hardware to deter rusting. Spot rusting can be easily removed with a scotch pad or oooo Steel Wool.

Please note that designs pictured may vary slightly due to availability of parts.