The bird feather is a complex and beautiful work of nature featuring alluring colors and patterns, often with hidden iridescent hues that shine in the light. Amazingly, artists from Central America have mastered a technique to use bird feathers as a canvas for their paintings. A mix of acrylic and oil based paints are used on each feather.

All feathers are humanely gathered from birds who have molted, and found primarily on farms and forest floors in Central America. The feathers are mostly from turkeys and chickens, and seldom represent the bird that is depicted because of the limited range of feathers that are used to comply with law and animal welfare practices.

The final product is a unique work of art that combines nature’s own beauty with the creativity and delicate workmanship of the artist. Perfect for nature lovers, bird enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates handmade creations that are unique, finely crafted, and evoke curiosity and wonderment. Framed dimensions are 7.5” x 4.5”. Shipped from Washington D.C.