Artist Rich Kolb welding one of his designs.

Father Dick Kolb, and son Rich, created the first Yardbird over 20 years ago in Jamestown, Kentucky. Dick spent most of his career making things out of metal, including farm gates and large satellite dishes. Dick and Rich began talking about all the things you could make from scrap materials and, after experimenting with things around his own home, the first Yardbird was born. It, and several of the original designs,are cherished possessions of the Kolb family. People instantly loved them as much as they did, so they began creating Yardbirds full time.

Rich is very proud to say that his work is proudly HANDCRAFTED IN KENTUCKY! He is a juried member of Kentucky Crafted, C.R.A.F.T. ( Craft Retailers & Artists For Tomorrow ), and the American Craft Council. Every six months numerous new designs are born into his collection of Yardbirds and Engine-New-Ity.

For Rich, creating his art sculptures turns work into fun. Each decorative or functional art sculpture, whether it be a dog, cat, fish, mouse, bird, reptile, wine caddy, flower pot holder, or animal, is guaranteed to bring pleasure to its owner. And they make great conversation pieces. Many people have fun identifying the parts Rich uses to make them and marvel at the way a simple tilt of the head can give a sculpture so much personality. Many sculptures are even given names and become part of the family.

Rich Kolb’s metal art sculptures can be found throughout the United States in galleries, gift stores, nurseries and garden centers, aquariums, zoos, pet boutiques and many others fine retail stores.


Today, Yardbirds, and more recently a new Steam Punk inspired line called Engine-New-Ity, are handcrafted in Louisville, Kentucky. Rich uses overrun, discontinued, rejected, recycled and scrap metal materials as much as possible. Some of the materials Rich uses in his whimsical designs include garden tools, car parts, farm implements, cabinet knobs, and bicycle parts.

Rich thinks that his metal art sculptures are a great way to contribute to the good of the environment. He saves rejected metal parts from ending up in landfills and they beautify homes and gardens everywhere!

Caring for your Art Sculpture

Rich’s Kentucky made metal art sculptures will naturally rust with age. Many people love the warm rust patina that appears over time when exposed to the elements. Functional designs are pre- coated in Kentucky. Or, if you prefer, you can periodically spray your sculpture with a clear enamel from Rustoleum, Krylon or Ace Hardware to deter rusting. Spot rusting can be easily removed with a scotch pad or oooo Steel Wool.

Please note that designs pictured may vary slightly due to availability of parts.

rich kolb - yardbirds