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Love of folk art and admiration for the creativity and talents of the artisans that craft it was the starting point for Culturas in 1995 and has led to a relationship that combines world craft culture, the artisans and our families into a story from our hearts.

Our philosophy

Choosing to work directly with artisans in Mexico and India has given us the opportunity to share and learn together as we combine our skills to offer handmade items that benefit everyone fairly. Despite the increased complexity of importing in a rapidly changing world we are committed to following fair trade principles and our philosophy to always “do the right thing” continues to help us develop a business which can offer not only handmade, but fairly traded products to our customers.

Finding a balance between production and creativity is an important part of handmade handicrafts. Although the pattern may be standard, each hand makes every product unique because even as the artisan copies it is done with their individual interpretation and skill. This is why a piece made by hand is so attractive to the eye.


Culturas Recycled Metal Animals from India

The craft of making these whimsical metal animals takes both creativity and strength as the metal is hand cut and shaped using simple tools by craftsmen in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Some of the pieces include recycled metal printed with the lettering or advertising of the original container and additional paint in bright colors adds charm and the details of each animal. The appeal of these decorative pieces is in their fun, folk art interpretation of familiar animals.

Culturas Metal Animals 2
Culturas Metal Animals

Culturas Glass Ornaments from India

The glass holiday ornaments are made using traditional blown glass methods by a small, family operated company that has been producing glass for over 70 years in the city of Firozabad located in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. Glass production is an ancient art learned from invaders centuries ago and Firozabad produces glass ornaments, decorations, housewares and scientific glass for the global market.

The ornaments are made just as they were 100 years ago but with one important change that improves the lives of the artisans and the environment of the city that they live and work in. Through European based Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives the traditional coal fired kilns are being replaced by clean and efficient gas kilns improving environment and sustainability development along with training workshops for better safety standards and working conditions.

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